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Brunet-García’s Holiday Project: Ho Ho Hope!

December 17, 2009

I don’t often post work-related items on my personal blog, mostly because I don’t want to echo posts that I write on our blog, Culture Fried, but I was really excited about the finished product of our Holiday Project, Ho Ho Hope.


We, as a company, have noticed the belt tightening that has been happening at nonprofits in Jacksonville and wanted to do something to help add to the spirit of hope that is supposed to be rampant this time of year. So we looked into programs in Jacksonville that were focusing on providing items of necessity to the residents of Jacksonville.

We’ve always had a soft spot for kids (as you may see in our work with the Cathedral Arts Project from time-to-time), so when we saw Second Harvest’s Backpack Program, it felt like the perfect fit.

We borrowed a little inspiration from another jolly soul in the food industry for our holiday card, collected some food stuffs and a backpack and off we went.

Kedgar created an awesome video that explained the program in a fun way, Diane did our voice-over and we sent out the cards to our clients and friends. It was a fun & inspired project to work on & it reinforced my love of this new company I call home. How many jobs give you the opportunity to work on the things you’re truly passionate about?

I encourage you all, if you have even $5 you can spare, to consider donating it to this wonderful program. For more information on the program, visit:

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