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January 24, 2010
Chris and I spent a pretty relaxing weekend in St. Augustine for once, with just one event that brought us up to Jacksonville. I’d like to say that I was productive in doing some stuff around the house something, but I spent a good portion of the weekend camped out on the couch with Chris and the fur kids enjoying a Fushigi Yugi marathon instead.
The series was one of my first forays into manga back in high school and I’m still really fond of the series (both manga and anime). Yu Watase is a skilled artist/storyteller and I can’t help but relate to the characters in each of her series.
Last night was the final Bon Voyage Bash for Lara and Jason and everyone had a fabulous time. Between repurposing the décor from our office party, sumo suits brought in by Lara & Jason and a great mix of people from all over Jacksonville, I definitely feel like they’re ready to begin this next adventure, knowing they have the love and support of their friends and family. (Apparently they’re also taking wagers on who’s going to show up to visit them in New Zealand.) Let’s see if I can twist Chris’s arm in the months ahead. ^_~

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