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March 29, 2010

My husband is quite possibly the most amazing guy in the universe. Seriously. I walked in the door, (slightly) grumpy after being stuck on the Bridge of Lions for much too long, to find that Chris had been hard at work putting together a romantic candlelit dinner for the two of us. And he had the mixed CD that I made him during our first year of dating as background music. Too sweet, right?!

After a few minutes of slow dancing around our kitchen, we helped ourselves to the bounty he had prepared, then changed into our “comfy-man-clothes” so we could take the bikes out for a cruise.

At first, we decided to keep things close to home because of some threatening clouds on the horizon. But as if they could feel the sunshine in my heart, they gave way to last vibrant rays of sun and I was able to get some beautiful shots of some of the views we had during our ride.

Saint Augustine Lighthouse


First Amazing Year, A Lifetime to Go!

We also finally got around to cutting into the top layer from our wedding cake. Thanks to the cake being wrapped up so tightly with love by my parents, it was still delish! :) I’m so very lucky to have found (kidnapped?) such a wonderful hubs. I love my life!

Wedding Cake Topper

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