Creative Clutter

Creative Clutter

January 3, 2012

Everyone has their own mental filing system that they use to tuck away shreds of trivia, manuals covering topics like Surviving Awkward Conversations 101, fact sheets about current events, biographies, profiles and more.

If I had to describe mine, I suppose I’d tell you that it resembles an ancient study – featuring amidst the dusty bookshelves a heavy, worn desk scattered with scrolls, bits of parchment, quills in various states of disrepair, ink splotches, discarded ink bottles and the dim light from handmade beeswax candles.

Welcome to my workroom, travelers! You stand in the place where I ply my trade – pondering the inner workings of the universe, creating tales to tickle the fancy of like-minded dreamers like ourselves and to escape the trap of complacency and the mundane.

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