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Adventures of a Foster Mom

May 19, 2012

Last Sunday, my coworker Tim rescued a tiny mess of a kitten from a gutter on Beach Blvd. After dubbing her “Sandy” due to her bedraggled appearance (and the location where she was found), he brought her into the office for some intensive TLC. She’s been in my care since Tuesday, and in that short time, she’s already made tremendous progress – evolving from that frightened creature cowering in a diaper box to a frisky kitten full of life (and mischief).

My crew still isn’t quite sure what to make of her – her first encounter with Ares left my poor pup terrified (hissing kittens are her kryptonite as we discovered last year when we fostered a litter). Kyo wants nothing more than to be allowed to play with her (she’s still not allowed out of the bedroom unchaperoned), Pixel and TicTac follow her every move, Sushi couldn’t care less and Jackie wants to smother her in kisses and nibbles.

The current game plan is to slowly acclimate them all, get Sandy up to a healthy enough weight to have her fixed, and then help her find her forever home through First Coast No More Homeless Pets. If you know anyone who’s interested in adding an adorable, sassy kitten to their family, be sure to let me know! She should be adoptable in 6-8 weeks.

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