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31 Letters in 31 Days

Day Four: Parents-to-Be

July 4, 2013

I recently found out that Kat, a friend who also happens to be my first college roommate, and her husband Tom are expecting, so today’s mail is a congratulations to them both as they start preparing for parenthood. Kat and I actually met through my cousin Kelli right before I moved to Tallahassee for my junior year. She and I got along great from the start, probably in part to the fact that we’re both avid lovers (and rescuers) of…

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Social Media & Tech

Helping FSU Students Feed Their Brains

July 31, 2012
Feed your brain.

Special thanks to Professor Ebe Randeree for inviting me to participate in FSU’s STARS Alliance ‘Feed Your Brain‘ series on Monday to discuss the role of social media in advertising, and for allowing me to be part of his ’10 in 10’ series for his new social media class being offered for the first time this semester at Florida State University. I’m a pretty quick talker, so my responses didn’t exactly add up to 10 minutes, but the twenty-minute discussion…

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