Aliera, huh? That’s unique.

Isn’t it though? So who do I have to thank for it? Steven Brust, author of The Phoenix Guards (among other wonderful works), and my dad who loves his flair.

As you may have gathered by wandering around my website, I’m a little bit of a bookworm, and it’s a trait I come by honestly. A lot of my favorite characters and stories stem from books inevitably introduced to me at some point or another by my dad.

I am the namesake of none other than Aliera e’Kieron, daughter of the infamous dragonlord Adron e’Kieron and the capricious goddess Verra. She is a notable swordsman, sorcerer and wielder of the Great Weapon Pathfinder. While known to be a little bloodthirsty at times, she is fiercely loyal to friends. She’s also a little self-conscious about her height, being somewhat short for a Dragaeran (who typically average approx. 7 ft.), and occasional levitates when circumstances permit to hide this. She currently resides in Castle Black (her cousin Morrolan’s floating castle) with her cat.

As an aside, Aliera is also the name of Steven Brust’s daughter. Small world. ^_^