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31 Letters in 31 Days

Day 3: Thinking of You

July 3, 2013

Day 3 is honor of one of my besties, Paige, who I’ve known since my senior year at Florida State University. She and I worked together at the Office of Undergraduate Studies at FSU, and have been through a lot together since our first chance encounter as student workers. Despite incidents like the theft of her pants (at the office, no less), social experiments at Olive Garden, my pups tendency to tackle her upon entry, the introduction of bondage pants…

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Courting the Muse

Fun With Poetry Magnets

March 27, 2011

We have a large assortment of word magnets gracing our refrigerator in the Dalton Underground. Occasionally, I like to take a quick break in the day and discover where the words take me. Sometimes they lead to interesting places. This was my journey today.      …

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Courting the Muse

Script Frenzy: Day 1 (And so it begins…)

April 1, 2010

Today is the first day of Script Frenzy, a month-long writing adventures that challenges creatives from all over the country to spit out 100 pages of script in 30 days (or less). However, prep for Script Frenzy (at least for me) has been underway since last week, when I first began the process of trying to figure out just what the heck I would write about. Typical me got sidetracked a couple of nights this week prepping for our ski…

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