Courting the Muse

The Witching Hour

June 30, 2012

Tonight finds me restless, missing the solace of your company. I stride out into the street searching for distraction, filled with the intense desire to feel your presence. A breath of wind catches in the leaves of a nearby oak, teasing voices from its branches. They whisper your name, and I cannot help but sigh in exasperation. There is no escaping this longing; this ache of your absence. I find myself driven to pacing the length of my drive as my thoughts are driven as well to traverse the memories of recent events; reliving with sweet relish snatches of time well-spent with you.

With the threat of a storm still hanging heavily in the sky, my eyes are drawn to a sudden break in the cloud cover, revealing in all its seductive radiance, the beauty of the full moon. I stare at it transfixed, lost to its hypnotic glow as it mutates my musings…into reality? I realize with a start, I’m no longer in my drive; I’m no longer in my street. I’ve been transported to your side…and you, completely unaware!

I watch in abject fascination the performance of your nocturnal rituals; a silent specter; a lunar wraith, hovering just out of reach of your senses. I can observe with utter freedom your activities without worry of your being self-conscious, because you stay unaware of my subtle intrusion.

I feel myself reliving my initial fall as I tick off one by one the attributes you possess that hold me so successfully enamored…the cause for my once covert adoration. You make your final preparations to retire, nestling yourself quite comfortably beneath your sheets, and I can’t help but smile. Light has been completely extinguished, and yet, darkness prevails only momentarily. Her lunar majesty is peeking shyly through your window. I feel a tingling sensation work its way slowly through me and I come to the slow realization that my time with you grows short. I move silently to your side, bending over you, planting a soft kiss on your forehead, and just managing to whisper a declaration of my undying love before I’m whisked swiftly away, back to whence I came. My restlessness now alleviated over the course of my journey, I retire as well, knowing that in mere moments, I’ll be rejoined with you in dreams.

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