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Help! I’m Addicted to Video Games.

April 19, 2013

Talking about my love for video games has always been a little challenging for me (probably because means admitting I have a problem). It may sound funny, but when it comes to video games, I completely lack self-control. They’re one of the few things in my life that takes me completely out of the present, transporting me to this magical world where time has no meaning. Sounds wonderful until I snap back to reality and realize that HOURS of my time have slipped by.

“That happens to everyone,” you say, and you’d mostly be right, but I think I’m more of an extreme case. (See examples below.)

Exhibit A:
In 2001, my dad gifted me with Final Fantasy X for PlayStation 2, my first foray into the Final Fantasy Series and into RPGs in general. That day, I accidentally logged 16 hours. I was elated by the gift, but horrified that I’d managed to lose track of 16 hours! (I still swear to this day that it only felt like three or so at most.)

Exhibit B:
In 2002, Bank of America had their annual family festival which was hosted that year at Adventure Landing. I’d recently begun playing Dance Dance Revolution at home, and was thrilled at the opportunity to play at an arcade without ponying up $1 per game. A little while later, my dad was physically dragging me off the game and insisting I eat something.

“I just had breakfast, Dad. I’m not hungry.” was my retort.

“That was eight HOURS ago.” his strained reply.

When what he said sunk in, my legs gave out (although I’m sure 8 hours of competitive dancing might’ve played a teeny role as well.)

Exhibit C:
Hmmm…let’s just call it World of Warcraft and leave it at that, okay? (And mention that all my last minute studying, and paper-writing in college may have had more to do with my growing video game addiction and less with the fact that I was a procrastinator as most people assumed.)

So where am I going with this? Video games are one of my FAVORITE things in the world, but because of how easily my attention is ensnared by their endless characters, quests and challenges, I usually try to keep them at arm’s length. Ratchet and Clank was the first video game I ever finished from beginning to end (Chris and I played this together in fall of last year.)

Thanks a gift from the Easter Bunny (Okami HD), I’ve been staying up even later than usual. According to Chris, I’m pretty late to the Okami fandom, but I guess better late than never. Here’s to adding another game to my “completed” list and renewing the struggle of time management while being pulled into a great story.

Hi, I’m Aliera, and I’m addicted to video games.

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