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Mantra of the Month: Make Excellence a Habit

May 1, 2013


Self-reflection is a huge part of self-improvement and so moving forward, I’m going to be sharing a quote or statement that’s really inspired me to be the best I can be. While my mantra this month may be centuries old, it still proves relevant today. I’ve always been attracted to idea of “kaizen” or perpetual improvement, because I believe strongly that everyone is given a talent or acuity for a certain activity or subject for a reason, and as such, they have a responsibility to make the most of it.

Pushing yourself to make excellence a part of every day takes a lot of effort. Especially when you sit back and think about how much easier it is to be complacent and go with the flow and status quo. Truthfully, I think of complacency as almost a kind of slow-acting poison or long-term disease that builds up over time. Its effects may take hold gradually – procrastinating on a project, rushing through a chore, putting off something because you don’t fee like it – but eventually after prolonged exposure, it takes a major toll on productivity.

While “fear is the mind killer,” complacency is the creativity killer, and that’s why I think this month’s quote is so important.

What inspires and drives you to be better?

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