31 Letters in 31 Days

Day Four: Parents-to-Be

July 4, 2013

I recently found out that Kat, a friend who also happens to be my first college roommate, and her husband Tom are expecting, so today’s mail is a congratulations to them both as they start preparing for parenthood.

Kat and I actually met through my cousin Kelli right before I moved to Tallahassee for my junior year. She and I got along great from the start, probably in part to the fact that we’re both avid lovers (and rescuers) of animals – and the fact that she’s just an all-around amazing person. During the year that we lived together, we rescued a pair of black kittens (Glitch & Jinxie), who teased my cat Sinatra and her pup Jake¬†indiscriminately. (She also helped me land my job at Sonny’s.)

While I haven’t seen her around a lot of children per sey, I have seen how she is with roommates, coworkers, friends, and animals, and I can say with confidence that she’s going to be an incredible mom.

Congratulations, Kat! Miss you!


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