31 Letters in 31 Days

Day 7: Hooray for Birthdays!

July 7, 2013

d7_2 Today’s letter is in celebration of my cousin Kristen’s birthday! I feel pretty fortunate to be so close to both my cousins (Kristen and her older sister, Kelli).  And they’ve both been taking the world by storm as of late – Kelli is off in China teaching English, and recently Kristen moved to Tennessee to work as a nurse.

My cousin’s one groovy chica, and she’s definitely been missed since her move to the mountains. Thankfully, we do manage to make the most of the times we do get to spend together (pics below serve as evidence). :)

Kristen, while it sucks that I can’t help you celebrate your birthday in person, know that you’re in my thoughts, and I’m wishing you a day that’s as amazing as you!



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